Hello & Welcome!

My name is Ariel and I am the owner/designer behind The Knitted Sister. In September of 2018 I opened up a second shop called Ariel’s Handmade Creations for all of my handmade creations. My journey with The Knitted Sisters started back in 2013. I lost my job due to my pregnancy and couldn’t find another one. During that time my sister Kira taught herself how to loom knit and started making items for family members, including me.

There was a point after my son Ren was born that I realized I needed to do something in my free time, so I purchased my first set of looms and I was hooked! I started making baby items for Ren. Then people kept asking my sister and I if we sold our items. We got so many people asking or telling us that we needed to sell our stuff so we decided to start an Etsy shop and called it The Knitted Sisters.

From the start the idea was to create and share beautiful knitted and crocheted items. We wanted to spread beauty and touch the lives of everyone that received those items. Today I am the sole owner of the business with my younger sister Kira pursuing other avenues. My littlest sister Bailee is learning how to loom knit and crochet to become a part of this family business. She just started to learn to dye yarn with me. My two sons Ren and Katio love to “help out”. Ren is learning how to loom knit and Kaito likes making string creations by tying knots. I hope one day they will help me with this adventure.

There was a point this year that I decided to open up The Knitted Sisters to all of my custom orders, but realized the shop was geared towards knit and crocheted items. So that begged the question…what should I do? My mother gave me a part of the name and then the other part came to me in a dream. So I have opened up the shop named Ariel’s Handmade Creations for all of those items that are not related to knitting and crocheting. I will be updating the shop with all of my custom orders, wood shop items, signs, etc. Anything that you need just contact me and I can see if it’s something I can do. I am always up for a new challenge as long as I have enough time!


It has been a very long and tough journey, but it has been so rewarding. Everyday has been a blessing and I thank everyone who has supported me until this point and to those that support me in the future. Without you I would not be here today. I want to also thank God that he has given me the ability to create and has gifted me with so many different artistic talents. He has blessed me in my craft, my business, and my family.

Everything is handmade with love and made with you in mind. We love custom orders, just head over to our contact page and fill out and send in the form!

My hope is to fill your day with beauty!

– Ariel Thongsaly

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